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You are making an important decision. Whether you're here because you want to have a child or because you want to be a surrogate and help someone else start a family, you've come to the right place.

Near and Far

We are committed to helping families grow around the world. The Surrogacy Center works with families in our home state of Wisconsin, as well as families from New York, California, and any state in between.  People from as far away as Paris and Tokyo and Frederiksberg have also chosen to begin their journey as parents in Madison, Wisconsin.  We are happy to arrange language interpreters as needed by our clients.

Gay and Straight

Families come in many different forms. We want to help the dream of parenthood through surrogacy become a reality for all individuals and couples who seek it.  We recognize that every surrogacy journey is unique and we respect our clients' individual differences.

Safe, Legal and Professional

The Surrogacy Center was established in 2002 by three of the attorneys of The Law Center for Children and Families who wished to establish a safe, legal, and professional arena for surrogacy arrangements.  We are proud to serve you with a combination of professionalism and commitment to responsive service and support. We personally meet with all of our Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers, and we love to stay in touch with the families we help to create.